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Our design manager carefully coordinates to the customer to ensure that all their design and architectural concepts are met and implemented into the aluminium design. The customer can choose from a wide selection of products available with ERBAY ALUMINYUM, and in certain cases is able to custom make their own designs to promote a personal touch in the project. As necessary, calculations are also incorporated into the drawings to confirm the structural integrity of aluminium connections to withstand the imposed forces and moments, air and water tightness, and building movements.

During the aluminium shop drawing preparations, any discrepancies or issues in the architectural drawings are highlighted to the customer to avoid future conflicts during execution. Furthermore, any potential infeasible design requirement by the customer is also highlighted, and alternatives are proposed that are feasible yet do not sacrifice the quality or design envisioned by the customer.

Preparation and submission of drawings are done in sequence that are compatible with the approved program of work. All shop drawings are thoroughly checked and reviewed by the designated engineer for the project prior to submittal for approval. Only approved drawings are distributed and used for fabrication and erection on site. Qualified and well-experienced draughts men using the latest CAD drafting software prepare all shop drawings. Structural analyses are carried out by using sophisticated finite-element analysis procedures. If required by the contract, at the completion of aluminium work erection as-built drawings are submitted to the Consultant/Clients.

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